Bringing data science and physics together

I am co-coordinating working groups and workshops that bring together data scientists and physicists and build a plattform for collaboration. 

  • Machine learning WG at CERN: I am coordinating the machine learning working group of the LHC (IML). I represent the CMS collaboration in this group, which consists of 4000 people. We have monthly topical sessions and yearly workshops.

  • OECD & CERN openlab AI conference organization in Mexico

  • Physics WGs: In the past I coordinated the standard model Vector Boson group and the inclusive Supersymmetric Searches groups of the CMS collaboration. Member numbers ranged from 25-100 persons.

Upcomming: 3rd ML workshop at CERN

I am happy to annouce the third machine learning workshop at CERN. The last workshop atracked 300 participants. Prof. Max Welling (variational auto-encode) accepted my invitation to be a keynote speaker at the 3rd machine learning workshop at CERN. The data is the 15th to the 18th of April

June 4th IML session with special guest and mini-workshop

I am happy that Prof. Sepp Hochreiter (inventor of LSTM) accepted my invitation. He and a team of data scientists from AI Lab Linz stay the next day for a mini-workshop. They are interested to launch project collaboration with CERN's scientists. The IML community is invited to discuss with them. 

Aril 2018: 2nd IML LHC machine learning workshop

The 4 day workshop in April attracted 300 participants ranging from physics PhD. to keynote speakers from industry/data science e.g. DeepMind. It included presentations, tutorials, a challenge and a hackatron.